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What is Hemp Oil?

Industrial hemp is any part of the cannabis plant that is used solely for industrial purposes with less than .3% of THC when dried. Hemp oil can come from the seeds, stalk, leaves or flowering tops as long as it’s under that .3% THC threshold.

Hemp seed oil is often used for cooking and in food but doesn’t have the same benefits as hemp oil used in supplements. Full spectrum hemp oil can be made from the stalks, leaves and flowers. It’s this type of oil that is best for hemp supplements.

Interest in hemp oil has been skyrocketing the last few years and so has the demand for hemp products. Everything from lotions to supplements people are looking to incorporate more hemp into their lives.

A lot of this is due to the fact that researchers are now realizing that hemp oil has a wide range of amazing health benefits. All things hemp were once considered taboo because of hemp’s close relation to marijuana. But as science has expanded our understanding of what hemp can do for us, many of these myths have been dispersed.

As the public has learned more and demand has increased for hemp oil products, ecommerce platforms and merchant accounts are now open to these products as well.

What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

One of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to selling hemp oil is if hemp and marijuana are the same thing. The short answer is no, they’re not. Hemp and marijuana come from the same cannabis sativa plant species but they are different varieties that produce very different results.

Both marijuana and hemp contain many compounds called cannabinoids. Marijuana is cultivated and grown for one cannabinoid in particular: tetrahydrocannabinol.

Tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana that gets you high.

Hemp, on the other hand, is very, very low in THC. Like I mentioned before, hemp is required to have less than .3% THC but can have as low as 0% THC. But what hemp lacks in THC it makes up for by having 80+ other cannabinoid compounds that have benefits for mental and physical health.

What’s the Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

When people refer to hemp oil they usually mean full-spectrum hemp oil. This means that it contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Hemp CBD oil on the other hand has a higher concentration of cannabidiol (CBD).

Full-spectrum hemp oil does contain CBD but in smaller, naturally occuring quantities. Research suggests that while CBD has shown to have a ton of amazing benefits its effects are maximized as part of the spectrum of cannabinoids instead of totally isolated on it’s own.

Benefits of Hemp oil

People that are using hemp oil or even CBD oil aren’t doing so in order to get high. There’s been a lot of research in recent years that has shown that hemp oil can have amazing benefits for physical and mental health but it’s just not possible to get high off of hemp oil or hemp oil supplements.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of hemp:

  • May help with feelings of anxiety and depression

  • May assist with chronic pain relief

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Reducing oxidative stress

  • Insomnia and other sleep related issues

  • Promotes healthy weight

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