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My Story by TSwang:

I’m a Father to two beautiful Young Adults and Husband to a beautiful Wife. I’m the Son of a former Marine who served this Country in the mid 60’s to late 80’s. I was born in Chicago but grew up and raised in South Bend, IN. I started singing after watching my uncles playing instruments and singing at my Grandfather's House on the weekends in Chicago, IL. I would mess around on the piano during practice sessions during Choir rehearsals while living in Chicago. I can remember myself, two brothers and sister going to Church every Sunday with my Mother and Aunt's both in Chicago and during the transition from Chicago to South Bend, IN. And when we would visit my grandparents in Arkansas for the Summer myself, and older brother Johnny would always be right by our grandmother’s side learning different chords and how to read music. I also remember how our uncles and grandparents would always have us go against one another in dance contest to either James Brown or The Jackson’s. Competition was stiff! We all would try to win that money that was being thrown on the floor. I started joining music programs in the early 80’s from elementary-High School. My first instrument was Violin, because I love the sound of strings. I begin to get involved in brass ensemble, singing in choir, and dancing during my Vocal N days at John Adams High School. I can clearly here Mr. Allen our music director at John Adams High saying that we all should take this music coaching as a lesson that we could one day use to enhance our lives and our surrounding community. I didn’t know what the heck he was talking about then, but I truly understand it now! My other music coach after Mr. Allen left to teach over at IUSB was Lavon Oke. He inspired me so much! He could play anything on that piano, and he taught me how to read music, and develop my craft. I was also studying the music business under my band mate Roger and I would have studio sessions with Darryl Buchanan who I had know clue was a band member with the late Motown group Leader Jr Walker & The All Stars. At the age of 14-15 one of my best friends Greg Franklin and several of my school buddies would have small rap and singing groups to impress the ladies during our transitions through the hallways to class and during lunch hour. We all would be either rapping, singing, dancing, or slap boxing to impress the ladies. But after school is where all the magic happen at 425 Walsh St. We would be up stairs in my older brothers room writing songs, playing keyboards and drum machines. It was incredible! I remember taking one of the tapes I had personally made at the age of 17 to Roger who was like my Boss and Mentor all while working at (Pizza Hut) and he was like you made all this on what? I told him a sampler and keyboard with a tape recorder. Next thing I know he brought me to his apartment and told me what you are about to see is confidential and if you tell anyone, I would have to kill you! And I think he meant every word. So now I was a student at John Adams and after having my mind blown by all the equipment Roger had shown me I was in Heaven creating music daily. During my High School days it was Chores, Studying, working for Pizza Hut and Music. I seldom had time for girlfriends but I would make my way to them. I joined a group after High School during the 90’s that was formed from working at Pizza Hut with a co worker and Supervisor Roger aka Christopher I. Commings. He’s a currently one of the famous Deejays over at WUBU Mix 106.3 FM and Gospel Artist (G.W.P). But anyway back to the story. I would go to practice after practice while in the group and we came up with the name (N.I.N.E) we had a song I wrote and produced by Roger entitled There’s Away! Who knew this one little song would be the ground breaker to form shows like The Local Flow Hour on Smoking 99.1 WSMK and be played on 101.5 FM, U93 FM and Mix 106.3 FM. I remember being the only black to be asked to sing Downtown Mishawaka when they use to have the huge Sidewalk sales and at the Slam Jam Music Festival in Niles MI, We where performing everywhere! But sad to say, all the accomplishments could not hold the group together. Trust me we all tried to make it work ( Roger, Lori M Weirich, Sis, Jami Johnson, Bernadine Washington Marie, and Anthony Tswang Gullens) but time said it was time to move on. So group members went into doing there own thing and I started to be more TSwang conscious.I started hanging out with a producer who I met through a coworker from the South Bend Tribune his name was Aaron Moore he introduce me to Big Al of N Tha Dark Productions. Who come to find out that we both were old elementary school buddies. We started working on songs for my Solo release entitled (Get On The Floor). Here's were I met the young Emmanuel E-Man Taylor, Damond Johnson, Lonnie Thabestmanicanbe Cook, Anthony S Rucker Sr., Fred Teague aka Freddy T, Suit Coat, Lil Mex, Kerry Wilson, and Bryant Smith. I was working on all kinds of music back then. After I left N Tha Dark I begin to really focus on my sound and brand. I started receiving a lot of phone calls to do shows and open for big headliners like Trina, GINUWINE, Case, Rome, The Public Announcement, Drake, Jeremiah, Sonya D, The BET DEF JAM, Lyfe Jennings, Lake Side, and now working with Platinum Producer Teddy Riley, Top Billboard Group Troop, Grammy Nominated Group The 69 Boyz and J-Stylz of the Grammy Award winning group Black Street. I have started my own Production company FunkHop Productions LLC and for the first time in my career,

I’m planning a Spring & Summer Tour of 2020.

email me:

Office Email To book me: Oscar Shorty G Gullens 407-748-9483

Alise Levine PR: 408-203-2559

Anthony Tswang Gullens

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